2 thoughts on “Wildlife in Springdale Wood – Summer 2017

  1. I am a resident who lives in east bridgford. I am concerned about the planning application for the rabbit slaughter facility at Keeton Road. I feel it will cause so many problems for east bridgord. The smell, noise. Disease. Disease spread to other wildlife . The waste. The attraction of foxes. Waste. Pollution. Not to mention to horric evil to the poor rabbits. I respect all life , trees, plants, animals, insects. Please if you can put forward to Ruscliffe Borough Council you views on what should a facility could cause to the biodiversity of east bridgford I would be very grateful. Planning application ref 21/02208/FUL. Thank you for listening

    • Hi Lynn, thank you your post and many members of our group also oppose the rabbit farm and it’s proposed expansion. A number of us have objected personally and have pressed the Parish Council to also object (which they have done). Some members of our group have attended protests at the farm also.

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