This is the website of the East Bridgford Wildlife Group and Friends of Springdale Wood.

For further information contact Caroline Kordecki on 01949 20871




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I have recently moved into East Bridgford and am interested to join the Wildlife Group if it is still active.
    It may help to know that funds can be raised easily and at no cost by encouraging as many people as possible to register and use the search engine http://www.everyclick.com which automatically donates 50% of advertising income to the nominated charity. Already over £10.1 million has been raised!


    Hugh Counsell

    • Hi Hugh,

      The group is still very active. A small committee meets every month, second Tuesday in the Royal Oak. In addition their is a friend’s group who maintain Springdale wood, which meets every first Saturday at 10 am. We need new members so please let us know if you want to attend either or both events.


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