Minutes – 2013 January

East Bridgford Wildlife & Biodiversity Group



Present : Sheila Brunt, Patsy Andrews, Richard Mackie , Jack Rieley (Chair), Andrew Kordecki, Helen Taylor & Johnny Bach

Apologies : Caroline Kordecki, Susan Pynager


  1. JR opening the meeting by wishing everybody a Happy New Year
  2. RM proposed that the previous minutes of Nov 2012 were correct with the exception of minute 7 which referred to signage at Bridgford Street Meadow and not Springdale woods signage. The minutes were then accepted
  3. JR to email Dave Atkins and the Parish Council Clerk on progress of Bridgford Signs.
  4. The £350 received from the Village show has been received and paid into the bank account
  5. Pa to check with Sp as to whether a thank you letter was sent to the Council
  6. Committee to ask SP to provide funds balance in the account for the next meeting
  7. Donations have been received for £30, from somebody? £20 for wood and £10 for friends membership
  8. JR gave an update on Ash dieback
  9. Invoiced had been received for £600 for clearance of the Springdale wood. Cheque to settle.
  10. JR commented on the success of the Christmas meal SB and CK were missed.
  11. HT gave a report on the worrying felling of tress within the Trent Hills woodland. JR to contact PC, RBC, Notts wildlife trust. It was suggested that the 2013 Groups mission should be Trent Hills (to be discussed at the next meeting)
  12. The meeting discussed a number of ideas for 2013 and included
    1. Walks
    2. Invite Mr Shepherd to establish the new internet site (RM)
    3. A Twitter account for the group (HT)
    4. Willows at Chapman’s corner (SB)
    5. Bridgford street meadows (RM)
      1. Request a meeting to discuss strategy
      2. Meeting with the PC to seek 2 cuts a year
      3. Talk to Harvey Pickford regarding the cut
  13. Meeting adjourned at 9.40pm

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