2006 September – Letter to Savills

Savills, F.a.o. Miss Emma Stead Olympic House, Doddington Street Lincoln   LN6 3SE 


Richard G. MACKIEMill Gate House, 11 Mill Gate,

East Bridgford,

Nottinghamshire, NG13 8PD


Tel. 01949 20335 Richardgmackie@aol.com

Dear Miss Stead

Bridgford Street Project Southwell Diocese Paddock

Rushcliffe Borough Council has put the Bridgford Street Project in their Small Environmental Improvements programme for 2006-07. The Project covers the part of East Bridgford Bridleway 28 between Brunt’s Lane and the traffic lights on Kirk Hill. The bridleway is called Bridgford Street and is an old Roman route from Margidunum to the Trent. Southwell Diocese’s small paddock abutting Brunt’s Lane and the A6097, is part of the proposed the project.

We have received a letter from Canon Alan Haydock saying that he is “more than happy” for us to contact you concerning the paddock. So we send you background documents explaining the project in detail.

Rushcliffe will be responsible for managing and implementing the project within a budget that has already been set. The detailed work programme will have to be agreed between: the three landowners involved (the other landowners are the East Bridgford Parish Council and Mr. Geoff Hall); Rushcliffe Borough Council; the relevant village community groups (e.g. the sponsors of the project – the East Bridgford Planning, Conservation & Environment Action Group).

We would appreciate your initial comments on our proposals for work on the Church paddock. The improvements are we believe very desirable, with or without Rushcliffe funding. We look forward to a positive response as we believe the Bridgford Street project, of which the Church paddock is a key part, will be a valuable contribution to the village and its environment.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Mackie East Bridgford Planning, Conservation & Environment Action Group


cc           Mike Jeffry, Assistant Diocesan Secretary, Property; Canon Alan Haydock.

Attachments            Summary of aspects affecting the Church paddock; Original submission to Rushcliffe; Revised proposals (June ’06).

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