Management of Springdale Wood that was planted in 1999 to celebrate the Millennium and is owned by Woodland Trust will be transferred to East Bridgford Parish Council in 2015. Routine management of the wood will continue to be carried out by  the ‘Friends of Springdale’, an action group within East Bridgford Wildlife and Biodiversity Group. This new agreement that involves the Parish Council, Woodland Trust and the Wildlife and Biodiversity Group is a major step forward and will become the model for Woodland Trust to transfer the other 250 Millennium Woods to local community management.

Friends of Springdale started managing the wood in the winter of 2011/12 and continue every autumn, winter and spring, focusing at present on control of goat willows whose vigorous growth has been restricting the development of other trees, especially ash and oak that will form the high canopy of the wood when it matures.

About 20 Woodland Trust administrators, reserve managers and ground staff visited Springdale Wood on 18th December 2014 and were very impressed with the high standard and nature of the management carried out by the Friends. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership between the three organisations that will be to the continuing benefit to the wood and the local community of East Bridgford.

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